Skin cancer can now reduce with THIS drug that creates ‘real sun tan’

Skin cancer can now reduce with THIS drug that creates ‘real sun tan’

The new drug has been introduced that secure your skin from UV rays of the sun while you are taking a sunbath and secure your body from getting skin cancer.

The technology is growing rapidly as we are living in the modern era where the latest equipment and drugs are available to diagnose the person health and help to reduce the risk of danger.

Similarly, the skin cancer is spreading rapidly among people as they don’t cover their body while they are taking a sunbath or outside the home and danger the skin or increase the aging process but This drug will help to release the stress and secure your body with just single medicine.

The team of researchers and doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital hope that their discovery remains awesome as prevent the people from getting skin cancer and slow down the aging process while the drug is capable of working on redheads.Skin cancer can now reduce with THIS drug that creates ‘real sun tan’

The ultraviolet rays are dangerous for the health of the person especially for the skin as UV light makes the skin tan by causing damage while their drug is created in such a way that produce pigment melanin of brown color on a skin and becomes the natural sunblock of the body!

The scientists were clear about their discovery of skin blocker as they test the pigment in the library with the claim that incidence of melanoma cancer was reduced by creating the dark pigment melanin.

  • One of the researchers added about their discovery on the news channel as the drug has dark potent effect where they had tested the drug under the microscope as it is the real melanin that prevents the body skin from UV rays.
  • The team of the researchers added that their drug is something different and uses a different approach to protecting the person from getting skin cancer as it is not the same drugs that claim to secure your body from UV light while this drug is capable of producing melanin to protect you.
  • The team added that we don’t want to provide the people with the new cosmetic product to use this drug and stay secure while we want to provide the medicine with 100 percent accuracy product to protect skin from getting cancer as dark pigment is the best to approach to lower the risk of all forms of cancer that would be really huge.Skin cancer can now reduce with THIS drug that creates ‘real sun tan’
  • The prediction about the drug was not cleared from the scientists while they want to combine the drug with the sunblock to provide maximize protection but the drug was not available for the commercial use of any skin tone of the person.
  • The way the drug work could cause the ginger tan to provide protection from normal light while dark melanin to protect you from UV light – although, scientist are still doing more research on the drug to provide maximum safety.

They also looking to change the name of the drug from ‘SIK-inhibitor’ and lot more tests are required before providing the drug for the usage of the people.

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