Smoking regularly can damages your DNA – leads to cancer

Smoking regularly can damages your DNA – leads to cancer

Smoking can cause serious changes in DNA – major investigations shows that how tobacco mutates DNA and give rise to a dozen of tumors.

The persons who smoke a pack of cigarettes every day for a year have 150 extra mutations in lungs and these changes are permanent even if he quit smoking – the different researchers on tumor shows that smoking for a long can build up to at risk of 17 forms of cancer.

The chemicals in tobacco have different precise molecular that give rise to mutate DNA – this is about running down towards the cause of cancer. The analysis of tumor shows the underlying causes of different cancers as there are different cases that show the bad effects of smoking.

Pamela Pugh, she was 69 years old and tells that she start smoking at age of 17 and quit at 50 but she was suffering from lung cancer she added quit smoking for long years doesn’t remove the effects of smoking and if I know this mutation never leave me throughout the life I never start smoking.

The analysis of producing mutation in tumor DNA for a person who smokes a packet daily was as:

  • 150 mutations in every lung cell
  • 97 in the larynx
  • 23 in the mouth
  • 18 in the bladder
  • 6 in the liver

The research report shows that more than 70 of 7000 chemicals in tobacco was found to a cause of cancer – some direct attack to DNA or others arise the mutation. The person inhales the smoke and it will raise the mutation and a time comes when these mutations spots in DNA that turns the cell to be cancerous.

The scientists give a message to readers to not start smoking – if you smoke a little bit but it made effects to your body as smoking is a most preventable cause of cancer and it is included in one of the four cases of UK cancer deaths.

The scientists revealed the tumors belonging to smoke – it shows that five of tumors were common in smokers and one benzopyrene the chemical found in tobacco directly hits the lung cancer. The studies also show that chemicals of tobacco not only causes tumor but also affect other organs including kidneys, and bladders – the chemicals found ways to other organ tissues and build mutations.

Scientists are hoping that individuals don’t start smoking after this research of different cancers – and laboratories develop new strategies to prevent the damage. Here is a message for personages who think smoking doesn’t affect anything – if you smoke daily then you are gaining mutations that remain permanent with your life.

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