Whatsapp, Facebook And Google Will Face New Privacy Rules

Whatsapp, Facebook And Google Will Face New Privacy Rules

The online messaging services including Facebook, WhatsApp and Google will now face new strategy towards the tracking of the user, new privacy proposed by the European Commission.

The new legislation was announced on Tuesday by the European Commission to guarantee the confidential customers conversation and aligns the set of rules for the electronic communications and Metadata around the time, place, and other factors.

The main theme of new rules and regulations is the company doesn’t allow scanning and storing the information of the user until the permission of the user for the advertising purposes, they must need to ask the user first before being able to use their data for advertising and to raise funds for their own.

The vice president for digital market said that we are ensuring our customers as their data is confidential and want to enhance the facility for the users instead of allowing business to innovate. The website will first ask the user whether he allowed cookies or not and has led to a cookie warning as cookies doesn’t impact on the privacy of the user or shopping cart, the only reason to access the user data and information if there is any issue of billing.

The proposal will also warn the companies to use the cookies only for knowing the number of users and visitors on the site and use simple cookies instead of others. The user using the browser Chrome or Firefox will ask the users for allowing the cookies as people has a choice to choose the yes or no said by vice president.

The companies and firms that are denying with the rules will have to pay the plenty of 4 percent of their global turnover as the internet marketing in 2015 was up to 36 billion euros according to survey and the firms and sites are using advertisement to fund themselves.

The new proposal that is belonging to the online advertisement will apply to the online messaging platforms including Whatsapp, Skype, and others, Whatsapp is already available to limited people this year due to a new policy. The telecom firms will need to offer the confidential of the communication of the user and will allow the automated bots to answer the customer questions.

The new proposal is not yet approved by the state and parliament and if it is proven then it becomes the law and all the firms must need to follow the instructions.

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