Spain Attacks: All You Need To Know About

Spain Attacks: All You Need To Know About

There was terror everywhere in the state of Spain as two attacks were occurred in the country to crush the people under the vehicle.

The details of both depressed attacks were given following and updating the happenings in the Spain and a gas leak home that is connected to Barcelona’s attack. The fact is that two main attacks happened with the help of vehicle running at high speed in crowds.

What was the first attack?

  • The first attack occurred on Thursday afternoon; the local time of the event was 16:50 and happened with the help of white van. The white van smashed in the crowd of Las Ramblas as it is the famous boulevard of Barcelona.
  • The driver was running the car at top speed and witness added that driver was riding zig-zagged to hit as many people as possible and knocking plenty of people to the floor.
  • This attack killed 13 people and 100 people are injured during happening of the event according to the police.
  • The police described the attack was a terror one and was happened at the busiest place in the region that was packed with the tourists.Spain Attacks: All You Need To Know About

What was the second attack?

  • The second event has happened after eight hours of the first event and police believe that both attacks were internally linked.
  • This attack also occurred with the help of vehicle, an Audi A3 that tried to smash in the pedestrians at the popular place of the region i.e. seaside resort town of Cambrils.
  • This event injured the women but later died in the hospital and the initial reports told that five civilians and one police person also hurt during this mishap.
  • The attacker’s car was overturned when they are crushing the people under the car and five of them wearing fake suicide belts but later shot by the police. The four of them died on the spot and one got severe injuries and died later.

What was the progress of the police?

  • Police have found that Moussa Oukabir wSpain Attacks: All You Need To Know Aboutas the driver of the vehicle that rented the car by submitting the documents of his brother.
  • But the police have changed their focus they want to capture the group behind these horrible attacks.
  • They added that we have local police at the spot of a van but unable to shot them as it were the public area and number of tourists are available to view the place.
  • They have arrested several after the attack and but remains unclear how many people are involved in this plan.

Alcanar blast on Wednesday:

  • Police are also linking the attack on the house happened on Wednesday with the Barcelona and Cambrils attack.
  • This house was filled with the bottles of propane and butane but this attack was happened due to the gas leak.

The police believe that these people were looking for the bigger attack and planning for an explosion in Alcanar but their material is no longer available

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