Spanish Streets Turned Red – La Tomatina Festival 2016

Spanish Streets Turned Red - La Tomatina Festival 2016

Thousands of people pelted each other on Wednesday with tons of ripe tomatoes creating red mush scene in eastern Spain.

Spanish people are popular for their new dramas and amazing games in the world. These people are very loveable and live together peacefully. Now they have done new kind of tomato fight on the street, thousands of people become part of it.

Spain world famous annual food fight held, thousands of tourist and local people become part of a fight, the rule is to throw tomatoes one another and this event is organizing since 1945.

The World's Biggest Tomato Fight At Tomatina Festival

The annual Tomatina fiesta took place in a village outside of Valencia, Spain where trucks provide 160 tons of tomatoes for 20,000 participants according to media. Tons of tomatoes in the truck were offloaded into the crowd and this may attract many foreigners towards it.

The festival history is that it first occurred in 1945 when an actual food fight broke out with fruits and now this event is turned towards tomatoes and fight held via tomatoes. They packed the streets of Bunol until for hour long battle.

TOPSHOT - People participate in the tenth annual tomato fight festival, known as "tomatina", in Sutamarchan, Boyaca department, Colombia, on June 5, 2016. / AFP PHOTO / Guillermo Legaria

Participants are enjoying in the event, some sit on a floor which is covered in tomato pulp, throwing tomatoes to one another, revealers battle with tomato pulp. Although participants enjoy the event as they take part in the annual festival.

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