Clinton warns the danger of fake news as it has real world consequences

Hillary Clinton has issued a serious warning against the fake news and mentioned it as real world consequences since after losing the election. Clinton was in rare public appearance after losing the election warned over false news stories online as an incident where a man opened fire after reading the fake news and she calls for urgent action against the untrue news spreading in the world. In her second public

Experts are investigating why 10,000 Titicaca Water Frogs were found dead in River

The death of some 10,000 Titicaca water frogs has been found in River Coata in the south of the country. The words are appalling that hundreds of Titicaca frogs are found floating dead in the river – the only place the species can be found in the world. Peru is investigating what kills thousands of frogs (also known as scrotum frogs) endangered species. A campaign group added that the reason