Tips for Handling a Mistake at Work

It’s natural to feel bad about making a mistake at work, whether it’s a typo in a slide presentation or an angry email sent to the wrong person. How you react can make the problem worse, or help clear the air and let everyone involved get back to normal. Here are some tips for handling a mistake at work. Don’t Overreact Did the mistake hurt the company image or cause

British Airways Cabin Crew & Baggage Handlers Announce Strike On Christmas

British Airways facing a lot of problems as more than 2,000 cabin crew go on the strike over Christmas days in a row over pay and conditions. The British Airways – the cabin crew, bag handlers, the cargo workers or the check-in staff and other members will go on the strike on the busiest days – a festive season on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. The people who traveled on

Leading London banks are shifting operations in Paris

Leading banks of the London are planning and are in the advanced stage to shifting their operations to French capital – regulators have told. The foreign banks that are based in London added that they have to transfer their operations to the French capital to meet the customers and serve better as Britain leaves the European Union. The Benoit, the secretary general said that the international large banks that are