Donald Trump

Chinese media warned the Donald Trump over his pride

The Chinese magazine has launched an attack on Donald Trump stating him as ‘Pride goes before a fall’ after the reality show has threatened the China. The popular global time newspaper controlled by the Communist party has slammed the Donald Trump for his country policy towards the China and was non-negotiable. The US president remarked over one-China policy to row with Beijing as break way province unless Beijing agreed on

US Election: VPs Pence & Kaine said Trump as fool and Clinton as weak

Vice President said Donald Trump as fool whereas Hillary Clinton as weak on Tuesday night. Democratic Virginia Senator Tim Kaine and Mike Pence were clashed on Tuesday night for 90 minutes on various topics. But they focused on both Mr. Trump and Hillary Clinton. Mike Pence added that Clinton as weak and feckless leader who failed on foreign policy. Mr. Kaine also added you must have to difference between leadership

World’s First Presidential Record Breaking Debate between Hillary and Trump

Monday night was the most watched debate in the history of US as it breaks all records. The debate between Hilary Clinton and Donald was the most watched on TV, break all previous records. The debate was watched by 84 million people on US TV breaking previous record set 36 years ago. The debate was watched almost more than 83 million viewers across 13 channels that carried it live. Many