Anonymous Warns World To Prepare For World War 3

The hacktivist group known as Anonymous posted a video warning people across the globe to prepare for the world war 3 due to the conflict between the US and North Korea. The anonymous posted the six minutes video on the YouTube warning the people about the world war 3 as they stated that the nations US and North Korea ready themselves for the battle and the video they shared showed

Christmas Games Your Whole Family Will Love

The fun is on during the holidays especially if it is the time for the Christmas and the games at these moments is favorite way for the families to spend their precious time together – whether it is Christmas party or family event the games are the way for strong bonding of the families and we are telling you some awesome collection of the party games that you merge the

The Magnificent Seven: Film Review

This movie is a remake of a remake movie. Actually, it is a restructure film of the 1960-film of the similar name, which consecutively was a remake of the 1954 Japanese film Seven Samurai. Gratefully, like the preceding films, this one is significance it too. Antoine Fuqua has directed it which is best recognized for directing Training Day and Shooter and Nic Pizzolato has written it  who is a highly praised writer of HBO series True