Facebook users are being categorized into four types – let’s have look which one is yours

Facebook is the best social platform to connect with friends and family and share the photos and videos to get in touch every single moment and update the status where you are residing. The stat shows that nearly 2 billion people log in to Facebook in a single month and browse their news feed that shows the high usage of social platform among people and an average user was spending

Whatsapp, Facebook And Google Will Face New Privacy Rules

The online messaging services including Facebook, WhatsApp and Google will now face new strategy towards the tracking of the user, new privacy proposed by the European Commission. The new legislation was announced on Tuesday by the European Commission to guarantee the confidential customers conversation and aligns the set of rules for the electronic communications and Metadata around the time, place, and other factors. The main theme of new rules and

Facebook Will Hire 500 UK Workers For New London Headquarters

The giant media Facebook will hire the new 500 employees for his new headquarters currently under development in Fitzrovia to increase its company British workforce. The media giant Facebook has announced the expansion of 500 new staffs ranging from engineers to developers and many of the jobs are highly skilled roles – the majority of the roles will be based in London in its new developing site to serve as

Life Stage, Facebook Launches New App For Teenagers

Facebook is often claimed that teenagers are leaving it as their parents and grandparents join. Now the largest social network has launched an app for 21 years old and under. LifeStage, this is the name of the new Facebook app that is available on IPhone i.e. IOS users can only access this app. The app is prepared of “Visual Profiles” i.e. you answer the questions in the form of video