Hackers Hit San Francisco Transport System Giving Passengers Free Rides

The public transportation in San Francisco has been hacked on the weekend and all the machines are offline and consumers rode for free over the weekend. The San Francisco public cable cars are hacked with a virus and the hackers are demanding 100-bit coins ($70,000, £56,000, €66,000) on that hack – the attack displays the message “You Hacked” on the machines and displays the information for contact at yadex.com. The

Teen Hacker causes 911 attacks lands in Jail

An 18-year-old teen hacked the 911 telephone calls accidentally in an entire state by launching automated (DDOS) attack and made 911 services offline. Hitesh Desai was the suspect arrested by the police – he tried to share the link on twitter that link contains JavaScript that restarts and freeze the IOS smart phone – he wants to share unprotected IOS bugs by using a botnet. The suspect characteristics are as