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This is a truth that pets always love their owners, it doesn’t matter which pet do you have! A video gets viral on the internet when big cats meet their first owner. Do you ever want to raise the lions? Two lions from the Malkia Zoo show that pets never forget their owner and always love them. What happened in the zoo? The two big cats from the zoo rushed

Freaky stick-on foot pads promise to transform your summer holidays

Looking for the shoes that remain comfortable when you are at summer holidays? Thanks to Nakefit as design wonderful accessory for feet wear! I guarantee you have never thought of this kind of footwear that remains comfortable when you are at a beach when you are playing with your friends on a sand when you are at swimming pool but Nakefit has developed this footwear. The Italian company Nakefit has

Mysterious 15metre Long Sea Beast Found On Indonesian Beach

A mysterious sea creature that is an almost size of cargo container found dead on the beach in Indonesia – locals believe that creature is lying dead for three days and sparked army response. The locals remained stunned while they see the giant creature as nobody knows the name of this creature as they thought the cargo boat was stuck on the beach but later they believe that this creature