Headless Body Found In Danish Waters Is Missing Swedish Journalist

The headless torso was found at Copenhagen waterside while Danish police confirmed that body was identified as Swedish journalist Kim Wall. The Danish police claim that torso’s DNA was matched with the Swedish Journalist Kim Wall. The police denied providing more information about the body until the brief press conference occurred. The statement was passed by the Copenhagen police early on Wednesday and brief press conference will hold at 0700

Woman found diamond ring wrapped around carrot, lost 13 years earlier

Miracles happened in the life and often amaze the people and the same miracle happened with the Canadian women, Mary Grams. Mary Grams was now 84 years old, she lost her diamond ring while she was working in the family garden 13 years ago i.e. 2004 but now she had found the same ring in the carrot. Don’t you believe that? This is the reality of life, Mary lost that

Woman's selfie causes '$200,000 of damage' to artworks – but was it a stunt

Taking selfies and sharing these photos on social media is becoming the latest trends and many people in the world cross all sorts of length to take a good selfie but these women damaged $200,000 art work by just in practice of taking a good selfie? Taking dangerous selfies is the latest trend of social media: You have heard that people went crazy for selfie trend as recently Russian model

This Photograph Of Jockey And Two Bulls Bothered Worldwide Culture

The bull was the powerful creature of the universe where people love the sports with a bull and one of the dangerous one in the world. The new photograph of two bulls and one jockey was spread on social media or the internet like fire as the person was holding both bulls with his hands on a crude wooden frame and their bodies are at extreme risk of death! This

Flight Delayed? Just Single Photo Of Your Boarding Pass Will Help You To Claim More Than €500

Delayed flights are always worse for the people as you reach the airport and ready to enjoy the holiday session but find out that your flights are delayed and it always leads you to extra cost but the new app will help you to get back your money. Travelers always want to claim their money while the flights are delayed or canceled but they need to face massive paperwork for

Microsoft warns users to update their PCs as millions could be hit by cyber-attack TODAY

Microsoft has warned the users to update their computers after the giant cyber-attack occurred on Friday which hit more than 200,000 computers in the world and could make a return today across the world thought to be vulnerable. The Friday attack was the largest cyber-attack in the world as this attack not only hit small region but brought the NHS system of the government to its knees and hit the

Premier league in major crackdown on illegal streaming in the game

The premier leagues are taking serious steps to secure their investments before broadcasting the next season’s as they want to stop thousands of people from watching illegal streaming. A spokesperson for the premier league told about this information as they are working with the internet service provider ISP to try and stop the illegal streaming and to stop so-called Kodi boxes around the country to protect their investment as they

WikiLeaks: CIA Hacking Tools Are Spying IOS, Android, TVs And Others

The intelligence agency CIA is at risk as the tools as the tools and methodology of an agency are leaked – the documents are viral on the internet and the code-named vault 7 in which details are given. WikiLeaks has released a bunch of documents stating the tools of the agency and shows that how the agency and intelligence use hacking tools to gather information on the IOS device, android

Clinton warns the danger of fake news as it has real world consequences

Hillary Clinton has issued a serious warning against the fake news and mentioned it as real world consequences since after losing the election. Clinton was in rare public appearance after losing the election warned over false news stories online as an incident where a man opened fire after reading the fake news and she calls for urgent action against the untrue news spreading in the world. In her second public

Golden Eagles back from brink as population soars to new height

Britain’s golden eagles are out of danger as their population is soared to new height according to survey and count more than 500 breeding pairs in Scotland. The bird’s status is changed and it is now out of danger as the raise of 15 percent golden bird – in the last survey, the bird’s count is 442 in 2003 whereas this year their ratio reaches to 508 pairs. Experts also