Santiago Ribeiro showcase his art at Times Square New York City

News Art & Travel in New York City, United States, 18-11-2017 – The continuity of the multimedia exhibition of Santiago Ribeiro in Times Square in New York in the international press. There are many international members of social communication that have made reference to the show of Santiago Ribeiro in the giants “screens” of New York. In addition to the large personal investment, some sponsorship comes from the Bissaya Barreto

Shutting Off Personal Vent On Flight Increasing Chances Of Getting ILL

Everyone is looking for days to enjoy the holidays, especially with kids, friends and family members. It is the time of pleasant and provides lessen your stress! So, what is your plan for next holidays? Whatever place you are going you should remain careful during traveling. The plane journeys seem to be awesome but one should cautious while traveling in the plane as doctors warn the people. If you ever

Flight Delayed? Just Single Photo Of Your Boarding Pass Will Help You To Claim More Than €500

Delayed flights are always worse for the people as you reach the airport and ready to enjoy the holiday session but find out that your flights are delayed and it always leads you to extra cost but the new app will help you to get back your money. Travelers always want to claim their money while the flights are delayed or canceled but they need to face massive paperwork for

8 Reasons to Stay with Crowne Plaza Hotel & Resorts

When it comes to the very best that is what you have come to expect when staying with Crowne Plaza Hotel & Resorts. At you will only get the finest treatment and most luxurious experience around. So, after you get your photographs taken during your big day you will have the satisfaction in knowing that where ever your wedding takes you, you will be staying in the lap of

8 Weird Laws You Should Know Before You Travel

Travelling is the passion of the people but you need to do your research before you are planning to move in the region – there are often some weird laws of the country you never expect. A lot of places are available in the world that has laws belonging smile, making noise or keeping hens – these elements look like a joke but they are true – you need to

Bikes Exceeds Than Cars In Copenhagen For First Time To Reduce Pollution

The bike cycling is becoming popular in the world as it is the only solution against the pollution deaths and Denmark is at the top ranking towards the increment of cycles instead of cars in the region. The latest ranking showed that cycles are increased in the heart of a city, in last year the record shows that nearly 35,080 bikes have joined in the daily routine and almost 265,700

Airbnb aims to transfer itself into Travel Company

Airbnb has launched new service called ‘Trips’ and has to transform the short-rental company into a travel agency to allow hosts to hire themselves tour guides. The move was big as a company was founded eight years ago to rental services – the new feature of the company was announced by its CEO in Los Angles, an annual conference and they have aimed to give offers including ‘where you stay,