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US Intelligence Exposed That Russia Helped Trump Over Election

The US intelligence stuck everyone in the shock that the Russia want to influence the US election of the year 2016 and want Donald Trump the president. The intelligence tells the new report of consisting 25 pages showed that Russian president Vladimir Putin ordered for the influence campaign in the aid of Donald Trump, the report was released on Friday 6th January, and the Russia goal was to weaken the


Cyber-attacks could be launched on before and after Election Day – security experts has warned. The US government departments and white house believe that cyber-attack could occur on a poll day and lead to unprecedented operation – intelligence told that any manipulating voting will be viewed as a serious breach. The white house and homeland security departments including CIA, Security Agency are spearheading the efforts for counter-cyber-attacks. The department said

US Election: VPs Pence & Kaine said Trump as fool and Clinton as weak

Vice President said Donald Trump as fool whereas Hillary Clinton as weak on Tuesday night. Democratic Virginia Senator Tim Kaine and Mike Pence were clashed on Tuesday night for 90 minutes on various topics. But they focused on both Mr. Trump and Hillary Clinton. Mike Pence added that Clinton as weak and feckless leader who failed on foreign policy. Mr. Kaine also added you must have to difference between leadership