Teen Hacker causes 911 attacks lands in Jail

Teen Hacker causes 911 attacks lands in Jail

An 18-year-old teen hacked the 911 telephone calls accidentally in an entire state by launching automated (DDOS) attack and made 911 services offline.

Hitesh Desai was the suspect arrested by the police – he tried to share the link on twitter that link contains JavaScript that restarts and freeze the IOS smart phone – he wants to share unprotected IOS bugs by using a botnet.

The suspect characteristics are as fun or prank but police are not laughing – Hitesh was hoped to get bonus and profit from Apple firm for information about flaws but mistakenly he had made a link that made users smartphones keep calling on 911 – the emergency service.

The link was posted on one and another twitter account and also on YouTube channel and the link was clicked more than 2000 people and the police department has received 100 hang up calls in a matter of minute – agencies in Texas and California was also affected.

Hitesh Desai the suspect

Desai was arrested and transported to Maricopa county Jail and he has to suffer for three computer tampering – he was involving including trigger pop-ups, open emails, and abuse features.

After being notified of the emergency calls on 911 they immediately discovered the link and traced social account that was registered to Meet Desai and took him into custody last Wednesday for 911 service attack.

On another hand, Desai said he just wanted to make a popup for IOS that reboots the system but he mistakenly published the link – the exploit code was being sent by his friend and they want to make fun of the people. He also said he was interested in discovering IOS bugs and wants to receive cash from the apple and also send private emails to the firm.

It is not yet clear what kind of penalties he received – the charges constitute class 2 as 911 is classified as critical infrastructure.

This threat has made questions to many emergency departments and about their security – using explicit information without the cooperation of the owners is illegal and can result in penalties.

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