Tesco cyber-attack raises serious questions over UK bank’s security

Tesco cyber-attack raises serious questions over UK bank’s security

The Tesco bank attack causes alarm in the market as hackers hacked £2.5m in just a few hours and the attack was most serious that company offline it’s online shopping for the customers.

Cyberint was the security company and said they had investigated over bank attack and added the bank declined to give details of the attack and was becoming unable for further investigation.

Four months earlier, another security company has warned the bank over their issues with mobile phone apps but the bank ignored – the attack can damage the bank reputation.

The bank attack is the latest and it is representing the weak security of the banks and raising the questions as the 9,000 accounts were hacked and money is transferred to criminals whose locations and information is anonymous.

Mobile app specialist said we are researching on the apps that are based on mobile phone in the UK and found some problems and trying to resolve the issues and alerting them – he doesn’t public the mistakes of Tesco bank and added top tier banks have great mobile security and other second tier company’s and bank were struggling because their customers demanding this.mobile

He also added that the companies never respond towards codified security so Tesco is not the only one – the bank is working hard in every area to serve best to their customers. The attack occurred with mobile phones that stoles the information of bank and set up some contactless payment accounts.

Tesla bank said after the attack that none of our systems were hacked – the data of all the customers are safe and never stolen and if any financial loss is done then we ensure our customers it is resolved by the bank and bank yet blocked customers from online shopping.

Experts in the UK describes that the cyber-attack on Tesco bank was the most serious one and possibly hackers stole money from nearly twenty thousand accounts – the crime agency said possibly the states are involved in the attack as Russia is active in targeting Western.

The security expert said as technology is increasing rapidly – the similar attacks are becoming more successful and banks are becoming the most desirable location for hackers and this is not the first attack in the UK many other attacks are also attempted on bank earlier.

Jody Baker said we are shocked on the attack as we are warned of cyber-attack constantly and our research shows that one of 10 accounts is hacked – and a large number of account is breached so we have to work towards criminal activity urgently as Christmas is coming and we are expecting to see a number of online frauds.

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