Tesla launched its solar roof tiles and Upgraded Batteries

Tesla launched its solar roof tiles and Upgraded Batteries

Tesla and the solar company has revealed the roof tiles with built-in solar panels and upgraded batteries.

The chief executive of Tesla Elon Musk have unveiled the glass tiles that are interactive and looks more comfortable to add solar at roof instead of old solar technology – the new Tesla product was better looking than the ordinary roof.

New roofs with built in solar panels along with new versions of batteries are the better approach for power grid – they showed a variety of different types of solar roofs and also longer-lasting batteries.

This is the sort of integrated future.

The event was held in Los Angeles, Universal Studios where Elon Musk has unveiled different types of solar roofs that have been testing for months – the event was a live stream on Tesla website. The solar roofs can be applying to the companies’ roof – Musk displayed Tuscan style roof, a smooth tiled roof, and roofs with textures.center

These styles look different from each other – and all are transparent to solar but appears opaque when viewed from an angle. No exact price was given by the company about roofs styles and fitting a traditional roof.

Musk also cleared that Solar City is no more just installing the solar modules on existing roofs but also introducing solar products for roof industry and they added new business plan will work alongside Solar City’s current installation.

Musk also explains the need of solar roof and discusses its price – installed cost is less than a normal roof and the cost of electricity. The company unveils several home models and a variety of custom photovoltaic cells disguised as tiles.

Musk tells about details of Powerwall 2, it is the battery for homes that generates electricity from roofs and can supply power to 4 bedrooms home easily for a day. The new power wall includes a built-in power inverter whereas the previous version includes a separate piece of hardware.

Musk’s vision is to change the lifestyle of people providing them Tesla’s electric car, solar panels to move people off of fossil fuels and to fight climate change. The inverter works directly with solar roof tiles to convert sunlight into electricity.

Musk added: “People loved their homes and we want them better” – however, Tesla is providing amazing services for the users.

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