Tesla unveils the Model X with brilliant features including Falcon Doors

Tesla unveils the Model X with brilliant features including Falcon Doors

Tesla has launched its awaited model X that is powered by electricity and removes the engine from the car and launched with double-hinged doors that open upwards.

The model was released after two years than originally planned and was ordered by more than 25,000 in advance and it was going to be a symbol of success for the firm.

Model X features:

The most eye-catching feature of the car is its doors that opened and closed via key and have six sensors that adjust its movement depending upon the objects around them – this may help children to put in the car without hitting the roof.

The new Tesla car brings the enormous curved windscreen, which extends over the driver’s head. It has sensors that make sure car doesn’t get much heat or get too cold in winter and improves the visibility of the road.

Tesla says that the model X contains two electric motor that has a functionality to re-charge and allows you to travel 250miles i.e. 400 km on a single charge – although your mileage may be varying – the company said they are working on technology for improvement.

The car has autopilot function which is able to allow drivers for hands-free travel and Tesla also included some unbelievable features including automatic emergency braking, and it may be active even on a motorway and also add features of collision prevention system.featured

Tesla statements about the car:

Tesla said in a statement this model was the safest, quickest and sexy looking then pre-existing models – the owners of the car love their cars. The new model looks towards the future and it showed electric cars are decent and look well.

The company also released a video in which car is self-driving – out of garage picked the driver and navigating junctions and drop the driver and park itself.

The CEO of tesla car passed a statement in which he tells that we are working to launch this car at reasonable price – the company is hoping that electric cars are intelligent on speed or handling.

The Tesla model X priced is $144,000 and the company is delivering the pre-orders to the customers via eight months and a year and expected to decrease the price in the year 2017 as $831.2m.

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