The Internet & Smart devices That Increment The Lives Of Dementia Patients

The Internet & Smart devices That Increment The Lives Of Dementia Patients

The internet and smart devices including smart medicine bottles and assistance chairs are the technologies that change the care of patients with dementia in an accurate manner.

Dementia is the broad category of brain diseases and will reduce the thinking ability of the person as well as affect the daily routine functionality and emotions and now becoming the leading cause of death in England and Wales – but the latest devices usually termed as ‘Internet of Things’ can increase the life of patients as well as live independently. The experts thought that nearly 850 thousand people were affected by the mental disease.

The latest internet capable devices are introduced in the market for patients ease and provide relaxation to their caretakers – as growing population we see that elderly persons are busy in their daily routines and haven’t much time for the care of their old aged parents – the phone calls and messages to keep in touch sometimes forget or failure of any appointment will create difficulties in taking medication at time and we have to face unexpected situations.

The experts have revealed that the only solution to this problem is sensors that collect data in real time and can provide access to the patient – For people who are living with Dementia needs an environment with sensors and we are providing facilities that are effectively invisible but monitor your life in background and provides the feedback to the relevant people.

We are providing the approach that might be your clinician or family and the element that doesn’t exist in past but now the thing you must need.

The firm is the trust that has two living labs where devices are tested and working to live the persons suffering from dementia – the vision is to provide as early as a possible invention that cures the dementia patients said by Helen director of devices and working with NHS Trust.

The person added that they are developing the devices that are connected to sensors and give you feedback as well – the smart medicine bottles that dispense the correct dose of medicine, a smart wallet to check how many pills are remaining, sensors that are attached to the chairs and learn how much time does a patient spend by sitting, and all these information is gathered and send to them as well as family and arrange the next visit and appointment.

They are also working to socialize the dementia patients by launching their level apps and also come to know the impact of music on patients – as it is difficult to meet the person who is living with dementia so they are making ways to engage with the patients and it increases the quality of life for the patient.

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