The Process of Deciding Who to Hire

Your job search can be impacted by many factors. Naturally, not all of these are in your control. For example, employers make many decisions about their potential hires before they officially present an open position. You can increase your hire-ability by learning more about those factors that employers use when deciding who to hire.

Establish the Candidate Ideal

Of course, this begins with deciding what an ideal candidate will look like. The immediate supervisor of the position will provide input about departmental requirements and management will consider organizational perspectives. If the company has a human resources department, these professionals may also be involved in the process.

Screen Applications From Potential Candidates

After applications have been received, a hiring manager or hiring committee generally screen applications. This might include pulling in candidates for interviews. During the meeting of professionals, the qualifications and personal characteristics of a candidate may be considered. The hiring committee may consider how well the personality of an applicant fits within the company community.

Come to a Committee Agreement

After interviews have been completed, employers might visit with everyone who interacted with the candidate. For example, if you spoke with a secretary on the phone to set up an interview, the hiring manager might ask that staff member for an impression. Members of the committee may then discuss their preferences, to arrive at a consensus.

Evaluate Applicant Qualifications

Another common step in the hiring process is the evaluation of candidates. The evaluation may involve certain questions, such as “Would the applicant be a good fit with the colleagues in that department?” or “Does the applicant have the correct licensing and certifications for the job?”

Learn to Improve Your Outlook

While there are many factors of the selection process that are out of your control, there are also many that aren’t. Work closely with Los Angeles accounting recruiters and finance recruiters to improve ability to show that you are the best candidate available.


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