Thousands of snow geese die in Montana

Thousands of snow geese die in Montana

Thousands of species died after the strong snow storm forcing the birds to take refuge in acidic, metal-laden water in Montana.

The environmental affairs manager of Montana, Mark Thompson added that a large number of birds are migrated and a witness described that the pit seems to be 700 acres of white birds early 28th November. The resources and environmental management tell that snow geese were died due to toxic water of pit mine last week.

The resources are still verifying the count of precious species from the pictures taken from the drone as well as air crafts and added that the total died will be more than last died since 1995. The mine management and other officials estimated that nearly 10 thousand birds were landed on 28th of November.

The employees of MR and Arco since 28th are making noise or using spotlights and other efforts to fear the birds from landing and prevent others from landing on the water. The mining company is considered to be charged with the toxic water, told the Billings and the agency added that nearly 10 thousands of the birds perish on the 28th of November.

The mark Thompson added that we are not able to help every single bird, we are feeling helplessness and the tragic death of large number of migrating birds is difficult for crews who are doing efforts and hard work to stop geese from landing in the water since last week – the workers work really hard and put their soul into the effort to save the species but the situation is much worse.01f9a1f87e47b70f8a6fc313a5184d6ded2e696bdef304fadepimgpsh_fullsize_distr

He added that ‘I can’t underscore the worse situation that night, and we are facing the poorer monitoring ever in our 21 years of the experience, the workers did everything to save the birds and the whole lot what they think they could – usually only 2 – 5 thousand birds fly every year but this time the estimated death is much more than the 342 deaths in the year 1995 when birds died due to toxic water’.

The estimated death ranges through drones and pictures are based on over 45 billion gallons of water and federal as well as states are still confirming the deaths of geese. On Monday, 50 geese on pit are still alive for over a week.

Reason of death: The fact is that why snow geese need to fly into the toxic water? And what lead to a large number of deaths? The companies are investigating the matter of late migration of snow geese and facing a snow storm and had only open water in the area. The university also said that nearly 4m to 6m snow geese are found in the world and there is some concern as the population is too high.

Montana resources are investigating the whole material and find out the reasons and the companies possibly be fined if agency finds out that MR and Arco could not follow their codes according to birds hazing program.

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