Located in the western region of the United States of America, the state of Utah is famous for its beautiful landscapes, mountainous terrain, rugged desert and incredible canyons. If you have visited Utah before, then you know that it is truly one of the most unique and strikingly beautiful places on earth. Thousands of tourists every year rent one of the rentals in Utah and explore the incredible landscapes that Utah has in store for them. There are a lot of tourist activities and attractions which you can explore while you spend your vacation in Utah. From a trip to the national parks of Utah to rafting in its mighty rivers to hiking through the canyons – there are so many things which will make your vacation memorable for sure. To get you started, here’s a list of three must-do things for you to try out during your Utah trip.

Face the rapids in Cataract Canyon

Although Utah is mostly known for its awe-striking desert scenery, the state has its fair share of wet and wild side. The state has two mighty rivers namely the Colorado and the Green River flowing through its landscape. Below the rivers’ meeting point, the 15 mile stretch through the Cataract Canyon is home to some extreme rapids which is a perfect place to experience some adrenaline-filled aquatic adventures. You can find some of the most notable rapids through the 2000 feet deep canyon in Canyonlands National Park. You can ride the rapids to go for either one-day tour to sample the waters or go for a six-day long journey downriver to have the full experience. No matter which one you go for, it will simply be one of the most memorable and adventurous things that you will experience in Utah.

Hike through the ‘Narrows’ of Zion National Park

Narrow canyons are canyons which are much taller than they are wide, and the Zion National Park of Utah is home to some of the most wonderful narrows that you will experience in your lifetime. You have to hike your way through a shallow and narrow river flowing through the canyon bed. The path you will be walking on can become as narrow as 20 feet wide, whereas the walls on your either side can shoot up to 2000 feet. This is considered one of the best hikes in the whole world, and you have to experience this when you visit Utah to spend your vacation.

Watch the sunrise at Arches National Park

Arches National Park is one of the most famous parks in the USA, and it has very good reasons to be so. The sunrise view that you see from this park is simply breathtaking. You will be starting your hike through the rocky terrain of the park while it is still dark, and as you reach the iconic Landscape Arch, you will get to see the sun slowly rising from the horizon. The vast valley lying in front of you will slowly get bathed by the light of the sun, exposing the jaw-dropping beauty by painting the stark landscape with an orange-ish hue. The incredible vistas that you get to see from here are truly worth fighting your morning laziness and visit the park early morning.

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