A hacker to me is someone creative who does unbelievable things.

Hacking is the biggest cyber crime in the world but hackers are doing it very easily and breaking the security of the sites, here is the list of top 5 social media sites that have been hacked by different hackers for sake of money and naked the people personal information that is stored in a database of the site. These all are the world biggest cyber-attacks that affect millions of users of the same site.




  • Yahoo Attack 500 million users:yahoo

Yahoo the most popular social source was hit in worst attack ever, 500 million users account was wiped.

The company was bought by Verizon in 2014, says that every user should change his password now as hackers swiped the personal information of the users and it was the biggest data breach in the history.

This hack took place in 2014 where the information of bank account and visa card remain safe while the personal information was hacked by state hackers. Yahoo said the information taken by hackers including name, email addresses, numbers, and passwords and in some cases security question answers also.

The FBI is aware of the matter and now investigating, they also added they take this matter seriously and will determine how this occurred and who is responsible for this?

Earlier in August, rumors were coming that 200 million users data was sell by hacker Peace who is also involved in the data hacking from site LinkedIn and also MySpace.

  • LinkedIn was attacked and 167 million users are disturbed:linkedin

Another biggest disaster for social media attacks on the LinkedIn site, the most popular used by businessman and also for other business purposes. This attack was held in 2012 on 5th of June and passwords for nearly 6.5 million users were stolen by Russian cyber criminals. The hacker commonly known as Peace posted 6.5 million encrypted passwords online, but LinkedIn never tells the total amount of hacks.

Rumors tell that there are 117 million users email and passwords information are hacked and have stored in the database of Peace and 167 million accounts information.

LinkedIn tells that they have emailed all of their users how to reset their passwords, and recently May 2016 they have recovered 100 million email address and passwords that are destroyed by hack and invalid all the passwords of users who never changed passwords since 2012.

  • Adobe suffered online hack over 150 million users:adobe

Adobe system is a multinational computer software company and has been hacked very desperately in the year 2013, as the company launched new security system for users and that software has been hacked and get online and over 150 million user’s data is posted online.

Adobe estimated that nearly 3 million users information is leaked and after that, it balloons up to 38 and when the database of Adobe is turned open online, it will amazed that 150 million users information is naked and after uncompressed, the information is about 10GB. After that company has emailed every user to reset their passwords and provide quick access to every impacted user.

  • MySpace Attack affects 360 million users:myspace

MySpace was one of the largest online attacks in the world, according to motherboard this attack was held by the same hacker known as Peace who hacks more than 167 million user’s data from LinkedIn and sold it underground market.

The hack was not clear when it takes place but it does some past years, in this attack the username and passwords were stolen from the database and was sold in underground. It is hacked because data storage in MySpace is not same as Internet supports, there were 360 million users were affected by this attack, it hacks passwords as some accounts have double passwords so it grows up to 427 million passwords and this is the largest attack.

  • Badoo accounts hacked – 112 million users:badoo

Badoo was the most popular site for chatting and making new friends as it contains data about nearly 313 million users including email address, passwords, and date of birth. This is also biggest attack but nobody noticed about this attack, over 112 million users has been exposed to this attack.

The exact date of the attack was not found, the information about Badoo is gain when its data comes for sale in the underground market. Hackers hack one of its databases which contain old user’s data and also data from newly created accounts. But Badoo spokes that our site is not hacked and it is the safest site.

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