Singapore Beach Was On Risk As Giant Turtle Found Dead

Singapore Beach Was On Risk As Giant Turtle Found Dead

Sea turtle in Singapore was found dead along Changi beach cut by a ship propeller – Mr. Chandran 46-years-old was the first person to see the dead turtle on the shore of the Singapore and was surprised to see the turtle of a meter long on the sand.

Mr. Chandran was the regular person of walking and jogging in the area and as it was the new year morning so few people seemed on the coastal and the area was quiet and suddenly see the carcass from the distance.

He told the news and added that the entire see caught his attention and then overpowering smell from that area prompt him to get closer and take a look and then he surprised to see a dead turtle of a meter long – the species was not breathing and he was alarmed to see this giant turtle on the beach.

He also added that the smell coming from the species and its dead look showed that it must be dead for at least two or three days before and after the scene he decided to call the police or management of the animals and agriculture to give respect to the scene as it is rare one to see in the country.

The officials and the police connected with the Mr. Chandran and he updated them with the exact location of the species as well as the carcass and then officials tells him that the carcass was recognized and the giant turtle was cut badly which showed that it must be struck by the ship in the water and possibly this may be the cause of its death.

Mr. Chandran also added that at first sight of the dead turtle he was puzzled why the large and rare turtles are traveling towards the Singapore shores? It was tragic to see these kinds of events and want to aware the public and others to respect the creations and avoid future tragedies.

The animal concerns research added that ‘the turtle of this size on the shore of Singapore is the rare case and we are saddened by the news of the turtle death as this turtle suffers a painful death and the death of the turtle tells us that marine are endangered’.

This is not only the first case of death of the species from propeller – in the last year we also rescued an injured olive turtle and hit by the propeller.

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