Television Icon Mary Tyler Moore Dies Aged 80

Mary tyler moore dies

Mary Tyler Moore died on Wednesday in the company of her friends and husband and popular for her work on ‘The Dick Van Dyke Show’ and also nominated for the best actresses Oscar for her amazing work in her film in 1980.

The Emmy award winning actress died in hospital in the company of family members and her representative added that television icon passed away at 80, she was the passionate advocate for diabetes research and was the comedy icon of television.

Her co-star added that ‘Moore was the best and always said to better the life of each other’s and was the brave women who turned the world with a smile’.

The Oprah Winfrey, TV host added that ‘Ms. Mary Tyler Moore was the best and she watched her every show every week and I love her forever and want to live where Mary lived and I want to cry on her death and still remember when she touches my face’.

The fans and other stars are upset on Mary Tyler death and paying tributes to her on their tweets and sharing photos on social media and added that they respect her values and passion for the life and thanks her for being a light that shines brightly.

Mary Tyler Career:2

Mary Tyler Moore got fame from the show Dick Van and she started her career when she was of age 17 and become a dancer and then she landed to play a role of a wife in 1961 of Dick Van show.

The Dan Vick added that working with Mary was an amazing experience of my life, in 2012 and she was an effortless piece and she worked for TV producer for seven years and she was the women that emerged on the screen when gender gap is at high and women are often bound as housewives.

The longtime actress got actual fame in 1961 and won seven Emmy awards as well as nominated for Oscar in 1980 and she was the women that inspired other women and make them strong enough to made name in the world.

She was the girl that inspired other women to choose their career independently instead of traditional housewife and now the world was smart enough and everyone has a choice to make their own decision. The Moore was the inspiring character of past time and was the actresses who made success for seven years in her show Mary Tyler Moore Show.Mary tyler moore dies

Her co-star Timothy added that ‘she was an amazing person and a great friend to everyone and being inspirational for anyone’.

The TV host Ellen said that Mary Tyler changed the world for all women and one more personality added to her character in Dick show said the ‘pair was unforgettable from the memories’. The actor added that ‘one moment of silence for the lady that was the comedy icon of the history’.

The fans and other superstars are paying love to Moore family and paying tribute towards her work and never forgot her work.

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