UK’s Most Affordable City For Everyone

UK’s Most Affordable City For Everyone

The capital of Northern Ireland is the most affordable city in the UK and recently welcome more than seven million tourists this year.

Belfast was the city which is developing and growing day by day and able to drawing more visitors than ever before – and was the most affordable city for everyone including students also. It is the cheaper city than Glasgow and Birmingham and any other city.

Affordability of City:

Belfast has recently won that it is the most affordable city of UK and having seven million visitors also made it popular and affordable.

According to surveys, the average rent of Belfast is 34% of lower and 54% lower than London. The city was also known as most affordable for students due to its cheap rate for everything. The survey of 2400 students from different universities shows that Belfast students spend half of money than other students in a week.

Tourism is also contributing to city economy as it is supporting 8000 jobs in different sectors and this is a great achievement for small city and award goes to everyone who works hard for Belfast’s success.

Living Areas of Belfast:

Belfast is known as seven quarters city for its unique partition – the city was small but having a number of popular neighborhoods make it delightful.

Cathedral Quarter

The Cathedral Quarter is developing are of Belfast lies in south and east and the area also consists of former little Italy area. The area consists of clubs, restaurants, and arts and located near Anne’s cathedral i.e. the church of cathedral. The area is trade and service oriented.

Lisburn Road was an actual extension of Golden mile consists of many shops and boutiques – established an exclusive shopping destination for Ireland. It is busy traffic route with most red-brick terraces. The road has an amazing attraction with a high range of boutiques.

Titanic Quarter

Titanic Quarter is historic landmarks, film studios, and the world largest Titanic-themed attraction also known as Queen’s Island. The area represents the long shipbuilding history and has lately developed apartments and riverside entertainment.

The Gaeltacht Quarter popular for Irish culture where the Irish language is spoken – the aim to promote their language and culture. A lot of students come to the area due to popular Queen’s university and pupils come there around the world and are beloved by the international community.

Belfast traveling:waterland

Belfast becoming the popular for fans of games of thrones to see Northern filming locations. The locations of the most popular season in the world ‘Games of Thrones” making Belfast desired location for many people. The architectural style of buildings like waterfall hall and Victorian’s landmark are the main attraction point of the city.

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