UN Reaction On Fifth Nuclear Test From North Korea

UN Reaction On Fifth Nuclear Test From North Korea

North Korea’s most powerful nuclear test held on Thursday night and it is the most powerful test to date for Korea. A 5.3 magnitude earthquake is detected near nuclear test side.

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The US, China, Japan and South Korea are combined to engage North for multiple negotiations known as six-party talks.

In 2005, North Korea agreed to the agreement of Landmark in which they return nuclear spirits for economic and political aid. But they destroyed cooling tower at Yongbyon in 2008 going false towards a statement of aid.

The US never believed that Korea has closed its efforts for a nuclear bomb, Korea in 2012 announced its nuclear activities for food US aid but this came to nothing.

South Korean President said it is act of self-destruction, the US warned of serious consequences.

North Korea has banned from any nuclear test but they hit five times since year 2006.

Japan’s President also said this attack gave threat to Japan and severely undermines the peace._74437980_021921235-1

China also reacted against the nuclear attack of Korea, where Korea is a main trading partner of China. The 2016 test brought China in international condemnation but Beijing not doing anything towards its neighbor violation.

Has Korea got the bomb?_91077875_n_2korea624x400

North Korea said they had conducted five nuclear tests in different years first in 2006, then 2009, 2013 and then January and now September 2016. The harvest of bombs increased rapidly.

North Korea tries several times for nuclear bombs but this time possibly they will succeed. In order to attack their neighbor, they must be able to make a nuclear warhead small enough to fit on a missile.

Korea claims that they had successfully warhead but experts are searching and verifying they are in doubt at this moment.

North Korea television announced that “We have improved our ability to produce standard nuclear bomb so now we produce as much as we want”.

How powerful the attack?_87505565_nkoreamap

North often used important dates as Friday is its National Day which it celebrates the founding of current bombs. After test, there were 5.3 magnitude earthquakes in north-east close to nuclear test side.

September 2016’s test indicated device between 10 and 30-kilo tonnes, experts are inquiring there and if it is confirmed then it is the strongest nuclear test ever. The last test of January was half as strong as Thursday’s explosion.

Another thing to confirm what kind of devices is tested whether it is hydrogen atoms or atomic bombs. Hydrogen bombs use fusion for the attack where nuclear bomb use nuclear fission for splitting of atoms.

In 2006, 2009 and 2013 tests are atomic bombs but the test in January was of hydrogen atoms confirmed by Korea.

The details of the explosion of September are not released yet.

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