US Election: VPs Pence & Kaine said Trump as fool and Clinton as weak

US Election: VPs Pence & Kaine said Trump as fool and Clinton as weak

Vice President said Donald Trump as fool whereas Hillary Clinton as weak on Tuesday night.

Democratic Virginia Senator Tim Kaine and Mike Pence were clashed on Tuesday night for 90 minutes on various topics. But they focused on both Mr. Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Mike Pence added that Clinton as weak and feckless leader who failed on foreign policy.

Mr. Kaine also added you must have to difference between leadership and dictatorship and if you don’t know then you have to go back.

Mike Pence defense the Trump because of his strength and simplicity.

The debate changed the topic frequently it felt like the game show. Mr. Pence did what he had to do, his goal was to respect Donald debate performance last week and his calm and steady style did it.

The Trump is looking as losing the war, however, the Tuesday night debate succeeded in keeping home Donald can mount a comeback. Mr. Pence wouldn’t make any error that comes as a headline. Trump first presidential debate compounded by series of errors but Pence rebuilt the campaign group and provides hope they were in the race.

Mike Pence: Trump never said this:adf

  • Kaine challenged the Trump about nuclear weapons; he said nuclear weapons are in danger under his presidency as he said more nations should get nuclear power and Pence denied this statement.
  • Kaine pointed out the topic of tax regarding Mr. Trump release all his taxes and Pence said he will do it in future nowadays he is being audited by IRS. Mr. Kaine said all of us who pay taxes are a fool.
  • Kaine also attacks Mr. Trump regarding the issue of Mexicans as Trump said all immigrants of the country are rapist whereas Pence replied he also said some of them are good people.
  • Kaine added Trump wanted to punish women for abortion whereas Pence said he would never support legislation and never punish the ladies for abortion.

The debate was also seen by the huge amount of viewers as a roughly figure of the viewer is 84 million.

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