US Intelligence Exposed That Russia Helped Trump Over Election

US Intelligence Exposed That Russia Helped Trump Over Election

The US intelligence stuck everyone in the shock that the Russia want to influence the US election of the year 2016 and want Donald Trump the president.

The intelligence tells the new report of consisting 25 pages showed that Russian president Vladimir Putin ordered for the influence campaign in the aid of Donald Trump, the report was released on Friday 6th January, and the Russia goal was to weaken the public faith over election and degrade the Hillary Clinton and clear the Trump as president.

The report clear stated that Russia was included in the cyber-attack of the election of president and forces to win the trump as the president and degrade the opponent Hillary Clinton and boost the chance of their favorite but the Mr. Trump added that the election has no effect on it.

Mr. Donald Trump had a detailed meeting with the intelligence departments including NSA, CIA and FBI over the same issue and the elected president added that he believes there is no effect on the election and declined whether Russia was behind these kinds of attacks.

The report consists of the following important elements as:

  • Hacking towards Democratic National Committee
  • Hacking entities Guccifer 2.0 and

The report tells about the Putin that he liked Donald Trump as Trump ready to work with Russia and had much positive experience – In contrast to this, Mr. Putin already blamed Hillary Clinton in 2011 and 2012 for anti-government protests.

The detailed meeting at the Trump tower with top three intelligence tells that:

  • Trump would appoint a team to stop the future cyber-crimes.
  • He didn’t believe that cyber-attacks would have an effect on the election outcomes.
  • He doesn’t know whether Russia is the back of this kind of cyber-attacks.

Republications were not giving any suggestion over the cyber-attack whether the outcomes were different if there is no cyber activity or not.

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