Viral Video Shark Attacks Just Feet Away From Beach Shore

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Beaches are the great places to spend holidays and enjoy sun bath but the appearance of a shark at beachside terrified the people!

The video of shark attack went viral on the internet as the shark was appeared just a feet away from the public and attack the seal in the day light.

This terrifying video closes several beaches:

The authorities want to provide safety to the people and block from every hazard, this event will close many beaches belonging in the region. These beaches are blocked after this event:

  • Ballston beach
  • Longnook Beach
  • Coast Guard Beach
  • Head of Meadow Beach
  • Nauset Beach

Many people are enjoying bathing at the beach side and enjoying the water with their family, this is the reason plenty of people become witness of the event. The white shark bloodied the water just 25 yards off the coast and brought dangers of people’s life at certain space.

The witness of the event:

Nisi Schlinger suffers the event as she added that ‘I feel that shark was going to hit my leg or in front of my leg and people were shooting Get out from the water, Get out from the water and I thought I was just dead’

Then shark attacks the seal and bloodied the water, Schlinger was with her friend while enjoying the water of the beach and added that it was the first time to watch the shark closely. People were running very fast to secure their life while the shark was in the water.

Nisi friend added that ‘I have seen that my friend was paddling for his life and I saw something flubbering in the water with blood all around’

Pat O’Brien another witness of the event added that ‘When I saw my left, I see and I could hear it when the shark attacked a seal. The seal was making a lot of sounds and I have never seen so much blood ever in my life’ He was swimming with his daughter when the shark bites a seal near to the beach coast.

The authorities added that the area has seen the increasing amount of shark in the designated area; they had seen more shark trends recruit the area. The fact is that shark attacking the animals is frightening for the people but shark rarely attacks humans.

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