Volkswagen staff changed diesel engine software to meet the standards

Volkswagen staff changed diesel engine software to meet the standards

A Volkswagen engineer has implored guilty for involving in diesel engine scandals.

The engineer James Liang entered in court on Friday is cooperating with the investigation, Liang lawyer said many of VW engineers are involved in this case.

He is the first person to be charged as part of US Justice Department’s year-long criminal probe.

James Liang VW engineer was proved to be guilty of a violation of clean air act, and a consumer fraud count. Liang has worked for the company more than 25 years and now he is 62 years old.

Volkswagen has already spent nearly £12bn to address environmental, and owner claims.

James was part of engineers team that conducted emissions test on the diesel engine. He could face five years in jail although by cooperating the US, he could reduce jail time; He has been fined up to $250,000.

The scandal blustered after an investigation in America, that many cars have software in a diesel engine that could sense when they were tested. A device so called “defeat device” could improve the performance of the engine and meet the need of air clean standards.

Is Mr. Liang did this work alone?

Mr. Liang was an engineer, his title now seems ironic, was “Leader of Diesel Competence”.

Mr. James Liang was the first VW employee charged for cheating in engine affair, but probably he is not the last. Liang was contributing with prosecutors and also co-operate with federal authorities in their criminal probe.

Mr. Liang misleads the current and former employees of VW to cheat the US clean air law, defeat device which allows selling cars that produce much pollution on the road than the nation’s standard allow.

How Defeat Device built?

According to indictment Liang was the head of the team developing defeat device, he is directly involved in this scheme in 2006.

The engineers realized engines were not meeting the US government air clean standards, so Liang and other co-workers designed software that would activate emission control when undergoing for test and deactivate them afterward.

They referred this device as “acoustic function” or “cycle-beating”.  Liang and his co-workers designed an update of software in 2014 to fix issues; in fact, the update was to allow cheat systems more easily detect while testing wheel steering.

Virginia University showed that car was making more pollutants than test indicated, Liang tell a lie that it was due to the cause of mechanical issues to authorities. In 2015, mail exchanged among Liang and other workers that California Air resource discovered the emission systems. They replied to mail “the word creativity is the best to answer” and on Friday Liang commit his fraud.

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