Wear sunglasses while driving otherwise you will pay £2500….

Wear sunglasses while driving otherwise you will pay £2500….

The UK is finally enjoying summers but it makes driving unsafe without sunglasses. Most of us like the warm weather. But the bright sunlight makes the driving difficult. As sometimes sunlight reflection from the bonnet makes impossible to see the road. This will lead to an accident.

Therefore it is necessary to get a pair of sunglasses while driving. Drivers who don’t wear sunglasses will be fined £2500. Because while driving in bright light will make you blind and you make some offense on the road. This will cost you £100 penalty, but if are sentenced to court you will be fined much higher.

Highway Code states itself (rule237) that “drivers must slow down or, if necessary, pull over if they get dazzled by bright sunlight”. If you don’t follow this rule you will be charged for careless driving.

What type of sunglasses is illegal while driving? :

All type of sunglasses is not safe for driving. There are four types of UV protection shades. Darkest category 4 it will only allow 3 to 8 percent of light. This category is a good choice if you are taking a sunbath but it is not a driving material. You will not able to see clearly on the road wearing these shades. This will lead you too careless driving, then you’ll have to pay for it.

Wearing sunglasses is not an offense while driving but if you can’t see the road this can cost you. A man from the transport department said in the Metro newspaper:  “We have some of the safest roads in Europe and our campaigns, especially those focusing on road safety, play a key role in ensuring the public stays safe on the roads.

Which type of sunglasses can be used?

As the category 4 sunglasses are not good for driving then what shades are good?  The UK has a law that every pair of sunglasses sold in the UK should have a removable sticker which describes its filter category. Category 1-3 is suitable for driving. While category 3 filter can impact your vision during the low light situation. It means that category 2 and 1 are the best choices for the drivers.

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