What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Gold Online

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Gold Online

Online shopping has made our lives a lot easier. Although we trust the different shopping websites for gadgets and other utilities, when it comes to expensive jewelleries a doubt prevails. The concept of buying jewelleries online is not very new but it has become popular very recently. People hardly trust online shopping when it is gold. While online shopping as its own set of advantages, the disadvantages are many too and that cannot be ruled out.

But first, let us check out the advantages:

Buying Gold Online is Convenient

Online shopping has gained much popularity because it saves a lot of time without having to go anywhere. You have the full ability to compare quality, prices and varieties at the comfort of your own home. You do not have to dedicate days to run between retail shops all over your city.

More Options are Available

Online shopping opens up a vast range of variety to choose from. You do not have to stick to the few collections of the retailer which is common in offline shopping. Some times so happens that due to lack of options we settle upon designs that we don’t even like.

Better Pricing Than Local Stores

Online retail stores offer lower prices than the local stores. This is because the local stores have to spend a huge amount to set up their storefront with security and surveillance. The costing is more for them for limited stock whereas online stores deal with more volume of gold jewelleries. For example, a gold ring price will be lower by almost a thousand at the online store.

Your Right to Decide

As you get the time to research and get to choose what you want, there is no way you can end up spending more. Online shopping gives you all the space to compare between products and decide. Whereas local stores might try to manipulate upon buying more expensive jewellery that you might not even like.

What are the disadvantages?

Possibility of Fraud is High

Online shopping is potentially risky if the vendor background is not confirmed. Many scam websites might sell you fake jewellery or defective items. There is also a possibility of you paying the money and not getting your jewellery.

Quality Not Being Upto the Mark

Sometimes the jewellery you see online on some sites when delivered is not the same. You might see the design is a bit different. For example, minute gold nose ring designs may have changes in the jewellery piece delivered to you. Numerous websites are accused of delivering low carat gold jewellery to customers who paid for 24 carats.

No Scope for Trial

Gold jewellery pieces like rings and bangles requires a trial which online stores lack to provide. In case of any customisation needed after purchase, it takes a good number of days for the seller to pick up the item and redeliver it. Very few online sellers provide the option for trial at home.

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