What is the most durable garden furniture?

What is the most durable garden furniture?

Winter season is gradually setting in and everyone seems to be worried on the best garden furniture material for outdoor space. Outdoor furniture is made from various manufactured and natural materials and most people prefer garden furniture that are built to last. A durable outdoor garden furniture is the one which is capable of withstanding winter climate for a long time duration despite exposure to harsh weather elements. An ideal garden furniture requires easy maintenance. When deciding on which garden furniture to purchase for this winter season, it is very important that you consider the type and features of the material, investigating the advantages and disadvantages of both.  The following are some of the outdoor garden furniture materials that you need to consider.

1. Plastic:

Plastic is actually the least expensive garden furniture option.  They are not however the best option since they are very prone to wear and tear over time. There are weather resistant and durable plastic furniture materials that are sturdier. Either way, they still need to be kept inside to prevent them from fading and pitting.

2. Wood:

Garden wood furniture is available in variety of types for more natural and causal look. Hardwood types such as teak, shorea, eucalyptus, pine and cedar tends to be more durable and long lasting. They are capable of staying outside for more than 50 years while others like noble and redwood can last up to 25 years. To increase the lifespan of hardwood, you need to apply special oils. Softwood such as pressure treated pine and cedar are also long lasting but not as durable as hardwood. Pressure treated pine has been proved to resist water and rot for up to around 20 years. One common advantage of wood is that they do not hold the sun’s heat as metal and plastic materials.

Teakwood furniture features high oil content giving it that soft touch, high durability, and resistance to harsh winter climate. Even if not treated, they still maintain their beauty as the natural color will weather gradually to a more beautiful, silvery grey appearance. Teak is best suited for the construction and designing of garden furniture since they do not suffer from warping or shrinkage neither does they splinter. Teak garden furniture will remain in good condition for several years if well taken care of.

3. Wicker:

Wicker can either be synthetic or natural. They give your outdoor garden space that rustic and cozy outlook.  They are very durable and lightweight materials made from bamboo, cane, or other materials. Most outdoor wicker furniture are normally made from synthetic to enhance their weather resistance capability. Synthetic wicker is relatively cheap compared to natural wicker and can be left outdoor throughout the winter season. Natural wicker needs to be stored in dry spaces.  Some sets of synthetic wicker are guaranteed to last for up to 20 years.

4. Metal:

Garden furniture are made from various metals such as wrought iron, aluminum and steel. Each of the metals have its own advantages and disadvantages. The following are the various types of metal garden furniture.

  • Steel:

Steel furniture tend to be very prone to harsh humid weather associated with winter season. They can rust quickly if left outside hence damaging the garden furniture’s frame. They are not therefore the best material for garden furniture.

  • Wrought Iron:

Wrought iron looks excellent in both formal and classic setting. They are extremely durable and if properly taken care of, it can last for a long duration of time.  You can choose from either traditional or contemporary wrought iron furniture. It is a great choice for windy environments since it is perfectly heavy and are less likely to tip over or be blown away easily. Wrought iron require extra care for the prevention of rust. You need some painting to give it a new look and improve its resistance to corrosion.  The common disadvantage of wrought iron is that they have the tendency of heating up and burning when left out in direct sunlight. However, as long as it is taken care of properly, wrought iron can be left outside year round.

  • Aluminum:

Aluminum, especially those coated with powder coat finishing are less likely to rust or fade. They are common in most contemporary streamlined designs and requires less maintenance compared to wrought iron and steel. They feature a high resistance to corrosion and are capable of surviving extended winter periods. For additional protection against the harsh winters, you can apply a layer of wax to your aluminum garden furniture.

5. Natural Stone:

These are most commonly used as table top furniture. Natural stone is among the most durable natural materials available for making and designing garden furniture. They come in various types and colors. They are however prone to wear and tear over time because they have fissures and crevices which allow water to seep into the contracts and cracks. The good thing is that they can be reconditioned many times. Examples of natural stones include granites tables, marble, and others. The following are some examples of contemporary designs of natural stones.

  • Polywood:

It is an artificial composite with much resemblance of a wood structure.  They feature rough matt surfaces and greyish finish. Polywood are prone to expansion and shrinking due to high temperatures.

  • Perfectsone:

Perfectstone is composed of three natural-based elements. These include minerals from silica and glass which gives it chemical stability, minerals from granite that provides the material with strength and hardness and lastly natural oxides that provides chromatic property. Perfectstone evolved from the traditional stoneware and ceramics.

  • Ceranite:

Ceranite is a composite stone compacted under high pressure. It is a natural material featuring unique finishing and character. However, they develops sign of wear and tear over time which can be avoided by application of a coating.

  • Spraystone:

Spraystone is a mixture of artificial stone and shatterproof glass. The result is a hardwearing, durable and scratch-free furniture.

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