What Your Sitting Style Says About Your Personality?

What Your Sitting Style Says About Your Personality?

A lot of little things of our habits say about our personality as the fact if you are doing fashion then it says you are one of them but your style says who you are.

It is actually pretty crazy that our habits telling about everything of our personality like a shape of our nails, the eye color as body language are quite different from the non-verbal communication.

The body language includes from squinting your eyes and walking posture or sitting style or sitting on the couch all are the giveaways to what kind of person you are and tells what are you feeling and what kind of next action you perform.

You know that most people are worried about their face expressions and dressing style and gestures but they are less aware of the position of arms and legs as they are the important source of the body to represent the personality of the person.

Social and cultural experts have conducted research over the sitting style of the personality and tell us what our personality says while we are sitting:

  • The experts revealed that if the person sitting his legs intertwined on the sofa – it is the indication of his nervousness and insecurity, they advise us to sit better instead cross at ankles.2
  • If you are sitting like joining thighs – it also shows nervousness.3
  • If you are sitting in a group and have crossed your legs with foot kicking then it shows that you are bored or impatient in the company.1
  • The experts show that sitting legs with wide open shows overconfidence and arrogance.4
  • The sign of arrogance is also when you are ankle resting on your other leg.6
  • You should not sit with hands clasped behind the head and legs crossed as it shows the sign of superiority.
  • The person sitting like legs apart and have hands on the knees shows that he is relaxed and comfortable.

All of these are the signs and indication of the personality of the person while he is at interview or meeting with the job – you must avoid these kinds of facts and sit normal and not show your arrogance or nervousness as both are not good for the personality of the person.

How to sit confidently:

Whether the above mentioned are true or false in your case but this is the research of the scientist and here are the tips for the people to appear confident while they are sitting:fea

  • You occupy as much space as you can without invading others while sitting.
  • You have to sit straight and put your chest out to appear confident.
  • You have to maintain the eye-contact with the person and try to avoid hunch as it appears you smaller and doesn’t pick the good personality.

You can take help from above-mentioned points for presenting yourself good personality while you are sitting and look you are confident and have good habits and be careful while sitting in the chair.

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