WhatsApp will not available on millions of smartphones as 2016 ends

WhatsApp will not available on millions of smartphones as 2016 ends

The giant messaging platform with billions of users is not available by the end of the year 2016 unless you are upgraded your device or move your chat from WhatsApp to any other chat app.

The world biggest and most used chat app will stop working and users will be in shock as the app has currently more than one billion active users and leaving the users unable to send or receive messages later this year – the company announced the statement that anyone owned old version android or IOS or blackberry will not be able to access the app.

The firm added that mobiles with android version 2.1 or 2.2 and iPhone 3GS and Windows 7 devices are not able to enjoy the messaging app as these mobiles are with previous versions and are not able to compatible with our latest features the firm need to expand the app.

The company said that the deadline is the end of the current year i.e. 2016 and the users need to upgrade their accessories to use one of the giant messenger apps. The spokesperson added that the firm needs to focus on the efforts of a mobile platform the vast majority use.

The decision was tough to make for the firm but they are focusing on the demand of the people and providing the right platform to connect with friends and family – WhatsApp updated the news and information on his official blog by his spokesperson.apple

  • IPHONE: The IOS users need to upgrade their set from the 3GS to use the messaging app as this is the second generation but they must important is that the sets that are running on IOS 6 can also be banned so the persons with 4GS, 5 needs to upgrade their software to newest version and the ban also implemented on old IPADs with past generations.
  • ANDROID: The android users also need to update their version – if you are running with 2.1 or 2.2 then you are barred from using chat app you have to update your device to the latest version.windows
  • WINDOWS: The persons who are using Whatsapp on windows with 7 then you need to upgrade your device to the latest as soon as possible.black
  • BLACKBERRY and NOKIA: The device of blackberry and Nokia such as blackberry OS, 10 and Nokia S40, S60 or Symbian system are not allowed to use the app and you need to upgrade the device till June 30, 2017, and have a more time than other versions.

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