Why Car Parking Charges of hospitals in the UK is increased by 15%?

Why Car Parking Charges of hospitals in the UK is increased by 15%?

Third trust hospitals have increased the parking charges of cars as much as £4 for one hour stays to cover running costs and funds that are taking the place.

The press association has made a survey and investigates that charges of parking at hospitals increase the ratio of 15%. The analysis has collected data from NHS trusts and data submitted to NHS digital.

Reasons beyond the increment of charges:

Deputy chief said all these charges taken from patients or people is to cover the cost of areas and other expenses – we really don’t want to charge them for car parking as an ideal world have no fee for parking.

The report about the charges of parking represents that trusts have increased the charges of parking from the year 2015 to 2016 and only 7% of trusts reduced parking fees.

England is the only part of UK where parking fees are increased by the ratio of 15% among trusts and routinely charging patients and visitors whereas parking is free in Scotland and Wales but not in all hospitals of England.

The research shows that many of people don’t go to meet their loved ones when they are in hospitals and much people stops visiting the nearest hospital and less their visits due to hefty parking charges.

Some trusts are allowing patients parking free for 30 minutes but after that, they will charge and some are extremely expensive that you have to pay for 3 hours even you wait for 40 minutes only.

Different Charges of most expensive Hospitals:ft

  • Royal Survey Hospital in Guildford was the most expensive as it charged the £4 from the patient for any stay up to two hours.
  • Hereford Country Hospital is charging £3.5 for an hour and £5 for two hours.
  • The Royal free trust charges £3 for staying an hour in the parking.
  • Bristol Royal Infirmary charging £3.40.
  • West Suffolk Hospital at £3.30.

While on another end some are favoring the patients by free the parking of car like Trafford Hospitals allow you to park the car for first three hours free – some other trusts offers you a discount and weekly tickets for a lengthy course of treatments.

Last year survey reports tell that more than £3 million was earned by eight hospitals in the state from parking whereas seven hospitals earned £2 million claiming that money was pushed back to patient’s care.

Patients reviews about parking charges:yo

  • Patients are unhappy by paying £4 for less than 10 minutes at Royal Survey Hospital – one patient Hayes added that she had paid £400 on parking in six months as she is suffering from axonal neuropathy.
  • Rebecca, another patient has spent more than £500 on car parking at Liverpool she added: she had to come three times in a week and was spending money more than six years.

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