Why China`s Record-breaking Glass Bridge is Closed With In Two weeks of Opening

Why China`s Record-breaking Glass Bridge is Closed With In Two weeks of Opening

China’s Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon record-breaking bridge, the highest and longest glass-bottomed bridge has closed just after 13 days it became open to the public.

The bridge was opened on 20th of August this year, the bridge was 1,410 ft i.e. (430 m) long between two mountains in Hunan province, has a capacity of 8000 visitors per day but the result was different the total demand on a bridge is 10 times as much.

The bridge was designed by Israeli architect; the bridge was 1000 ft above the canyon, allow the visitors to look down from triple layer glass panels. The bridge was the only attraction point of the city but closed due to the rush of visitors towards the crossing.

Officials said there had been no accidents and bridge was not broken and also there was no problem regarding safety the actual problem is the volume of visitors.

The six-meter-wide bridge was highest and longest glass Structure Bridge in the world has inspired scenery for sci-fi movie Avatar.

Officials announced about the closeness of park on official site, Weibo.

They didn’t mention the number of visitors on the bridge but they tell they need to upgrade the area on the urgent basis, they want to improve and modernize the bridge services and closing the bridge from 2nd of September, and didn’t tell when the bridge will reopen.

The post said tour groups who are intending to see the bridge might have a discretionary admission.

In response to this post, many social media people comment and one said: I have booked everything and now you are saying sorry, are you kidding me?

Another user writes, there are trash everywhere and no water for sale, its right to reopen after they cleaned the bridge properly.

Grand Canyon planned to improve not only its infrastructure but also its parking, it booking area, customer service, and many others.

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