Why Clinton’s Foundation is Doubtful For US Election

Why Clinton’s Foundation is Doubtful For US Election

The Bill, Hillary and Clinton Foundation is an international charitable organization founded in 1997. The idea was to bringing government and social groups together to tackle big situations. It was kind of new idea at that time. She said the foundation is “creating opportunities and resolve big problems better at lower cost”.

The foundation works on four big issues economic development, health issues, weather updates and providing facilities for girls. It also conducts annual gathering of political leaders, business executives, and celebrities that discuss a solution to problems.

It has a school program that operates in every state and 18 million students at the count. That program is to improve the education and health. They also work on drug addiction people to leave that.

Donors of Clinton Foundation:

The Clintons Foundation has a list of donors that donate more than million dollars, it was an international charity so many other governments also shared millions of money for that. The government of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Norway are also big money donors.

If Clinton Foundation is doing well, then what is doubt?

Clinton foundation is doing all good, but when she took responsibility in 2008 of State Department job, she promised Obama that foundation will publish its entire donor but this doesn’t happen.

Clinton’s opponent also saying that: “No issue better illustrates how corrupt my opponent is than her pay-for-play scandals as secretary of state.”

Clinton’s response:

She said foundation always reject play-for-play accusations. She said there are various reasons for not disclosing all of its donors.

Borochoff said: it’s unfortunate that charity becomes punching bag, a lot of things about charity are false. If Clinton was not standing for president then this foundation is one of the best humanitarian charities in the world.

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