Why Gender pay gap needs to be tackle in The UK

Why Gender pay gap needs to be tackle in The UK

Women have consistently paid less than their peers; they are earning about 65 cents to every one dollar of man’s wage. The pay gap between men and women; it is still a problem in the workplace. Everyone wants to remove this gap of society but tackling the issue is not as easy as British do not like to talk about the fact.

The global gender gap report by world economic shows that countries that are dealing with better gender equality have earlier growing, and more reasonable economics.


The reality of life is we don’t always get what we want; the only thing we get is what we deserve. One way to remove gap is may be; if everyone knows about the salary of its colleague, it would be easier to remove the differences. Another issue of women for less payment is a lack of affordable childcare, which is a barrier to women to find a full-time job.

As women have played a great role in employment and economic growth and their skills are very important for the economic and social development of society, this is not reflected in their pay. In early 1970, a law has introduced in favor of women for their equal rights in salary i.e.

The right to equal pay means that there should be no difference in the contractual terms of a woman and a man doing equal work, who both work for the same employer.



Gender equality is not only women’s issue, It affects us all.

There are some measurements through which we can provide some conveniences to women and they must pay well in future. Today we only need to remove this gap is to provide facilities to women in such a manner:

  • Allow babies at the office: We can provide facility to women that they can bring their child to their work, in this way they can work full-time job and lack of affordable childcare is also decreased.
  • Let’s parent work from home: This is another favor for women that if mother has younger babies then she work from home online instead of coming at office leaving her child at home.
  • Increase the value of low paid work: We can also increase the value of work by adding some new incentives for women as they have to do a lot of work.

Society and teachers also need to tell students about equality rights from their younger hood so when they grow up they know gender equality becomes a natural way of life.

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