Why is Germany knocked out of the world cup: Russia 2018?

Why is Germany knocked out of the world cup: Russia 2018?

Although it was a quite shocking moment in the history of the world cup that the defending champions Germany is knocked out of the world cup after losing a match with South Korea by 2-0.  It was a very poor performance by a four-time winner’s team. No one was expecting this type of performance by Germany. This was for the 2nd time that Germany could not qualify for the other round, last time this occurred in 1938s.

There was a joy for Korean’s fan but an embarrassing moment for Germany. It was an astonishing performance by the South Korea team, the 92nd-minute goal decided the elimination of Germany; which was initially considered as an offside but awarded after the decision of the video assistant referee.


Where did it go wrong?


Wastefully missed chances in front of goals cost Germany.  Germany could win the match with Mexico at the edge by a goal difference, but some drama came out the ball shot into the net by the Kim. Although initially it was given as an offside, the review showed that that the Kroos came into the pathway of Kim and the goal was given.

Germany tried to get a goal so the goalkeeper Nuer also joined the attack but it was such a lame idea. A simple long ball pass by the Tottenham forward to son confirmed the victory for the Asian side.

The South Korean goalkeeper made one handed-save from Leon header and a volley from Werner from the penalty spot, the header from the six-yard distance by Mats Hummels secured a win for their teams. Germany regrets these miss chances after the elimination.


Why is everyone blaming the coach?


The coach low who had led the team for the world cup glory will face many questions on the selection. He dropped the Leroy sane out of the team, despite this player had a great involvement in helping the Manchester city to win the premier league title.

And the Mario Gotzi who had scored in the 2014 finals against Argentina also missed. Against Korea, Low has made 5 more changes but these changes could not inspire the team to victory.

Low has been the charge of the team since 2004, he also led the team to the champion’s league finals in 2008 but lost in finals and in 2014 Germany won the world cup. The futures of many Low’s players are also in doubt.

But Low still insisted that Germany had still bright future in spite of this failure. He told the reporters that” I think we have young players who are very talented, and some have the potential to go forward. This has happened to other nations before, we just have to draw the right conclusions and make it better going forward.”

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