Why is it important to build good relationship with Boss?

relationship with boss

Communicate the way Boss want to:

Some bosses are very hands-on, keeping a close eye on every employee throughout your workday. While some of them talk to you once a week.

It doesn’t matter what type of style your supervisor has, it’s up to you to establish the lines of communication between the two of you. Using e-mail or in the meeting, make sure your boss is informed with the answers to these questions.

  • What are you working on?
  • Have you finished your work? And what are the results?
  • Do you have more task or you are free?

Look and Act Professional:

Using your previous experience and skills act and work as a professional. Because if you are doing your work regularly and professionally then the manager can neglect your minor mistakes.

Do great Work:

Obviously doing work great is the best idea to impress your boss. This might seem painfully for some workers but it’s the best advice to stay long-term in the organization and to build the relationship with your boss.

Viscusi says ”Make your boss look good by, just planning hard”. Its old fashion isn’t it? But it really works.

Show Value:

Hockett says, ”They hired you for a reason, so make sure that you are adding values to the organization and /or position.”

Bosses want those employees that not only to agree with them, but also can speak about the realities with facts and figures, with good confidence, and can give a suggestion that produces results. These methods build your boss’s confidence in you.

Ask for Feedback:

Don’t be afraid to ask your boss for feedback. Too many people shy away from asking his/her boss. Maroney says” Ideally your manager should already be providing feedback but this is your career so don’t be afraid to take the driver’s seat.”

Get to know your Boss personality:

Teach says. ”Bosses are human, so communicate with them on a personal level.” It doesn’t need to be the friend of your boss or you hang out with them. But you can ask them about their hobbies, how their weekend was, what are their interest outside of work.

Keep your supervisor informed:

Mazur says” No one likes surprises, so if you are experiencing challenges in your work, communicate those.” Don’t hide behind hurdles or blunders. It doesn’t matter things are going well or not just keep your supervisor up to date with all your daily tasks and their results.

Show your boss respect:

Respect your boss, even if you don’t like them. It doesn’t matter you like your boss or not, they actually are your supervisor. They have earned their position for a reason. They will hurt your relationship if you disrespect them.


Surprise your boss by submitting your tasks earlier than expected. This will show that you are passionate and you can manage your assignment. This will increase your boss’s trust in you.

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