Why You Get Depressed At Holidays & How To Deal?

Why You Get Depressed At Holidays & How To Deal

Holidays are the most cheerful time of year, especially at Christmas but this is not true for everyone.

We are told that Christmas is well-suited time; TV screens are full with joy. Magazines are launched with new ideas of Christmas and grateful with friends and family. But one study also put shocking results in a world that this time people experience the highest incidence of depression.

It is proven true when health clinics show patient will increase at a time of holidays. These people mostly face problems associated with depression.

Why is a depression so common during the holidays?Why You Get Depressed At Holidays & How To Deal

There are several reasons that explain why depression is so common during holidays and some of them are mentioned below.

  • Some people may have a small circle or lack of opportunities for socialization. This is one of the biggest reason for depression at holidays as loneliness is always a reason for depression. These people see other friends spending quality time with friends and ask ‘why everyone is happier but I am not?’
  • Many people face problem of depression due to seasonal change. With the change in season, it changes a lifestyle of people as well and makes people continue to feel sad throughout the winter.
  • Many people also face problem of stress when they saw a lot of commercials associated with Christmas gifts. It also causes some symptoms of depression among people as they don’t have enough money.Why You Get Depressed At Holidays & How To Deal
  • There is also a cause of depression when your expectations never succeeded. For instance, you’re hoping a perfect photo but it doesn’t. It is often disappointed for people.
  • When you have to do a lot of things in Christmas time then it could also be a reason for depression. You have pressure in your mind associated with working routine and this pressure leads to stress.
  • Eating poorly and drinking excessively is disadvantage towards your health and contributes towards anxiety and depression.

What should you need to do?Why You Get Depressed At Holidays & How To Deal

So these are the symptoms that cause stress towards people but how should you avoid this condition. What should you need to do at Christmas time? Here are some tips for people to stay away from dangers of depression at Christmas time.

  • First, if your depression is serious then you should need to visit the health clinic or doctor immediately to avoid worst situations.
  • You can set personal boundaries regarding the money spent on gifts and the number of social events.
  • Don’t accept any perfect representation or expectation at Christmas that media is showing you. Make sure to lower your expectation at this moment and enjoy every single moment as much as you can.
  • Be grateful for what you have in your life; rather than what you don’t have.
  • The best way to enjoy the beauty of life is to plan something amazing with family members and friends. Make sure to engage yourself with them and enjoy these days.
  • You should take action and do interesting stuff in your life that relaxes your mind.

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