Woman found diamond ring wrapped around carrot, lost 13 years earlier

Woman found diamond ring wrapped around carrot, lost 13 years earlier

Miracles happened in the life and often amaze the people and the same miracle happened with the Canadian women, Mary Grams.

Mary Grams was now 84 years old, she lost her diamond ring while she was working in the family garden 13 years ago i.e. 2004 but now she had found the same ring in the carrot.

Don’t you believe that? This is the reality of life, Mary lost that ring while she was weeding the carrots in her family garden but made the secret that she lost her diamond ring.

Mary Grams keep secret, loss of diamond ring:

  • She told the reality to her son but kept secret from her husband. She went to the market and buys the copy of that ring and wears the ring as nothing happened with the lady. She forgot the event and never thought that her ring will appear after 13 years.
  • This secret was opened when Mary Grams daughter in law was working in the family garden and found that the ring was stuck in the middle of carrot when she plucked out the carrot from the garden.

Her daughter-in-law found the ring:

  • Daley was the daughter-in-law of Mary Grams and lived in the same place where Mary used to live and harvesting the carrots from the garden. She spotted the ring on Monday.
  • Mary’s son instantly knew the whole scene and calls her mother to the ring as he knows that this ring belongs to her mother.
  • Daley also told that ‘I knew that this ring must belong to either grandma or mother-in-law because no other women ever lived on this field’

Mary Grams tells the complete scene:Woman found diamond ring wrapped around carrot, lost 13 years earlier

  • She added that she was working in the field when she lost that ring. She digs hard to find the ring but failed and thought that this ring was rototilled or something happened to it.

I cried so many times for the loss of my engagement ring‘.

  • She added that ‘I was wearing this ring nearly half a century when her husband gifted her in 1951′ and when I failed to find the ring. I went straight to the jeweler and bought a cheap ring and only told my son.
  • She added that ‘I wish that I tell my husband about the loss’ he was a really funny man and made the joke on the event. But her husband died five years ago. She added that I thought to visit the jeweler for the ring but it still fits in my finger’

This is not the first time when diamond ring was found from carrot field:

  • This is not the first time that carrot field found the lost ring in Canada.
  • In 2012, a woman also found the white gold ring from the field that she lost 17 years earlier.
  • The German man also found his wedding ring from the field wrapped around a carrot after losing it three years earlier.

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