Woman’s selfie causes ‘$200,000 of damage’ to artworks – but was it a stunt?

Woman's selfie causes '$200,000 of damage' to artworks – but was it a stunt

Taking selfies and sharing these photos on social media is becoming the latest trends and many people in the world cross all sorts of length to take a good selfie but these women damaged $200,000 art work by just in practice of taking a good selfie?

Taking dangerous selfies is the latest trend of social media:

You have heard that people went crazy for selfie trend as recently Russian model take photos for her Instagram account from Dubai Skyscraper, some jump into the cages of animals and many of them crash their phones to become popular on social media but let’s have look towards this women!

But this selfie made $200,000 damage:

  • A woman in Los Angeles wants to shoot the perfect photo when she visited the art exhibition in Lincoln Heights and she bends down for making her angle but she lost her balance and shot down a row of artwork by Hong Kong based artist and international collaborators.
  • It was the 14th Factory art exhibition and displayed the work of the artists and the exhibition shows the sort of crowns fashioned from various precious materials including gold and silver.
  • The art work was displayed on the pedestal and women tried to take the photo in front of the work and she leans back a bit too far and she wrongly knocks the first stand when she lost her balance and causing a domino effect of which all the other pedestal standing in the row fall down.
  • The incident happened while displaying art work and it causes damage to 12 worthy crown-like statues and all of these are made with the precious metals including marble, wood, nylon and scrap metal and cause the damage of $200,000.
  • The art exhibition added that the three statues are totally damaged and others have damage at different sides but this is one of the expensive selfie ever!

The video of the incident was uploaded to the several platforms including YouTube showing that other people are also visiting the art exhibition and one woman was taking a photo when the incident occurs and more than three people are a spectator of the accident.

The investigation is under process whether this accident was actually caused as the CCTV camera shows or any artist was involved in this incident and whether these art works are insured or not!

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