World Diabetes Day Needs Nation Awareness

World Diabetes Day Needs Nation Awareness

World Diabetes Day was the day celebrated on every 14th of November and was created in response to growing concerns about health threat and had become the United Nation Day.

Researchers and scientist are making the day recognizing the suffers from condition – the world diabetes day is recognized by blue symbol as it is the global symbol for diabetes.

The main theme of the campaign is to aware the people of the danger of diabetes and tells them the significant advice on the disease and to keep eye on diabetes – according to the research it shows that diabetes is one of the most increasing diseases in the people and they are at risk.

They are focusing on two major concerns – one is to screen type 2 diabetes and other is screening diabetes of any type and researching the diet that proves helpful for the person suffering from illness – the international diabetes federation is working to aware the education among people about diabetes and also their healthcare providers to enhance the quality of life.

The federation said that they must keep eye on diabetes of type 2 as it leads to the serious complication and also damages the eye and can also cause blindness if it is not caught at right time – and they are working as today one of two people are suffering from diabetes is

The type 1 of diabetes will have no cure as a patient is bound to check its glucose level constantly and give him injections – he has to do calculations before eating food or drinking alcohol so the world diabetes foundation is working to aware the people to take care of them to save from dead disease.

According to research majority of people were not taking their health tests regularly and are not receiving tests in Scotland and its campaign head added the workers of diabetes team has to work hard and to save the people and attend them health checks and education courses.

The federation for diabetes also conducted local and national events for the awareness of conditions and to educate patients how to spend healthy life and prevent the symptoms of diabetes.

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