World’s First Presidential Record Breaking Debate between Hillary and Trump

World’s First Presidential Record Breaking Debate between Hillary and Trump

Monday night was the most watched debate in the history of US as it breaks all records.

The debate between Hilary Clinton and Donald was the most watched on TV, break all previous records. The debate was watched by 84 million people on US TV breaking previous record set 36 years ago.

The debate was watched almost more than 83 million viewers across 13 channels that carried it live. Many of the people watched this discussion online via live streams.

The figure of 84 million viewers is only who watched this debate via TV channels at home, the viewer who watched this domain at parties, restaurants, and offices are not counted yet. However, it pushed the boundaries of the internet.

YouTube also tells that the video of debate among Clinton-versus-Trump was the biggest live stream of all the time. They added almost two million concurrent viewers spread across six news outlets. Live stream on other sites also reached millions of people.

The total audience was predicted to reach almost 100 million viewers among the TV broadcast and other networks.

The last debate between Jimmy Carter and Ronald in 1980 brought almost 80.6 million viewers and this debate approaches 84 million

Mr. Trump said on Tuesday that he knew the debate has the largest audience in the history of television but he took a deep breath and pretended as he was talking to his family. He also added he felt tempted to bring Clinton’s affairs but stop due to Clinton’s daughter as Chelsea was in the audience. He added he might hit her harder in the next debate.

Mrs. Clinton said viewers that the debate highlighted the difference among them, the behavior on stage can be seen by the whole country and everybody can easily draw their conclusion. She also added, he can run his own campaign and present himself but the focusing point is temperament to hold the hard job and people can see the very clear difference between us last night.

Different channels viewers of debates:

  • NBC channel upwards 18 million people watched the debate.
  • ABC drew 13.5 million viewers.
  • CBS has 12.1 million viewers.
  • CNN has 9.9 million viewers.
  • Fox broadcast has 5.5 million viewers.
  • MsNBC has 4.9 million viewers.
  • Univision has 2.5 million viewers.

The two more debates were coming between the candidates on 9th October and 19th October before the election on 8th of November. This was the largest live streams of all the times and had 14 times more viewers than the previous debate in 2012.

On both twitter and Facebook, the results were as on twitter the final share of conversation were 62% for Trump and 38% for Clinton whereas on Facebook 79% for Trump and 21% for Clinton.

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