Wrong Way Driving Accidents: The Reasons

Wrong Way Driving Accidents: The Reasons

When there are works ongoing to improve traffic signals and barriers on city roads that have been a reason for wrong-way driving accidents, it is clear that the most excellent approach to avoid wrong-way accidents is to discourage drunk driving.

It’s the sight causing extreme terror that most drivers could see: you’re going down the main road and all of a sudden, a car or heavy vehicle is coming directly towards you, coming in the opposite way in your line of traffic. Because of signs and barriers, it’s not a condition that comes about again and again, but it still takes place frequently enough that it’s a key issue for traffic.

On February 15th, this year, a wrong way driving car hit with a heavy truck injuring four people. The two vehicles destroyed by fire in flames while they hit together, and all five persons come in the accident expired at the spot. As though that isn’t terrible enough, one more dangerous accident happened involving a wrong-way driving in California in the similar day. Just prior to sunrise, a Camano going east on a westward circular road of Los Angeles collide with a Ford Explorer that afterward collided with a Ford Freestyle. Six persons expired, and the driver of the Chevy was taken into custody on a charge of drunk driving.

In accordance with the US Department of Transportation, around 370 people lose lives in the US each year due to a wrong-way driving accident. It may not much like a very large number, but it’s shameful when you see all the signs and further safety signboards placed to warn people about wrong-way driving. So how all such accidents still do not stop happening?

What we identify about features of wrong-way driving

The National Transportation Safety Board, in recent times, composed a special report wherein they analyzed details carefully from wrong way accidents to discover general trends. A few of the features they disclosed were:

People driving aged more than 70 are a disproportionately large number of responsible ones in wrong-way accidents. The NTSB does not review in a casual way why older drivers are more prone to be guilty in a wrong way accident, however, in a few cases, this may be because of not clear vision of signs, as vision power starts to get worse as people get older.

A good number of wrong way turns involve a car entering an off-ramp. It may, to some extent, be because of unclear signs or a driver’s lack of knowledge about city roads.

Wrong-way collisions have not changed at night. The mixture of sleepy drivers, drunk drivers, and worse visibility because of the night make it much more expected that such accident will take place at night. In actual fact, the NTSB disclosed that 76% of all wrong way collision takes place between 6 pm and 6 am.

Wrong-way collisions excessively occur on the weekly holidays. Again, it may be, to some extent because of the fact that many people go out after drinking on the weekly holidays.

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