YouTube Launches New TV Subscription That Wants To Take Down Cable

YouTube Launches New TV Subscription That Wants To Take Down Cable

Google has stepped forward in the complex networks of the cable and now launch the YouTube TV that allows users to watch their favorite shows and enjoy the experience of the live television.

The new service is introduced to beam with the country biggest network including Fox, ABC, ESPN and many others with just the payment of $35 for a month – a package is designed for a family including six accounts and expected to launch the services early this year.

The subscription also provides you unlimited storage i.e. you can store or record your favorite programs or shows via cloud DVR and comes along with Artificial Intelligence search towards YouTube red and provide a chance to young generation to look towards the content they love.

The service provider the users looks that it provides you a chance to look live TV on demand – provides six different accounts i.e. everyone can create its own profile or personalized settings and the awesome moment is that free access to the YouTube red that has billions of data.

YouTube launch this service and directly play a race between other TV channel provider or cable networks – the focus of the firm is to make the experience of the user with the television brilliantly as when you watch, what you want on the device you want – all of these services.

The firm added that they are working on the services of the cable network from last two years and ready to launch the network but still big networks including CNN or others are not working – this is the biggest drawback of the services.

The company is not sure about the exact date of launching of cable network but added that it is in coming weeks and months – but the company has no plan to launch the services outside the US yet – the CEO statement showed that main focus towards the launch of services is youth as he stated ‘youngster always love great TV content and want to get rid of traditional setting‘.

Though YouTube is also big name jumping in the live TV games – possibly the big firms also include in the YouTube live streaming games – this may lead the network of the YouTube.

The YouTube TV channel in a complex network as DirectTV provides more than 120 channels but it charged $70 per month – but Google and YouTube are hoping best for the success in the market.

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